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340 South ASH Street

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Accessory Canvas

The rack supports have been significantly beefed-up for a more stable loading of child seats and rear rack add-ons. New for 2014 are frame-welded accessory mounts for attaching a front basket or rack directly to the frame. The pannier rail design have been improved to allow for better compatibility with standard bicycle bags. We even added water bottle cage mounts to the down tube.

A pack even e-bike nerds will love

Included is a 48 Volt 22 Ah Panasonic 18650 vertically stacked, 1mm separated, 2,200 mAh cells in an all-aluminum water-resistant housing. Advanced BMS with redundant dual-fuse system. Aircraft-style 4-pin locking discharge connector with illuminated power switch. Fully backwards compatible with ODK version 2 bikes. 3-Amp HP Charger with a cooling fan.

ODK U500 3-Speed

Utility E-Bike (V3)

    50+ Mile Samsung battery 48V / 22Ah

    500 Watts / 20 mph geared hub motor

    Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes

    3-Speed SRAM internal hub shifter

    Integrated utility rack

    Upright riding position

    Low step-through design


Largest battery capacity on the E-bike market! Yes, we checked…

ODK 3.0 Controller System.

The electronics have been upgraded to make the bike more robust and provide higher performance. Our goal is to make the electronics as simple as possible, cutting down on time needed to service the bike.  Reducing the system's complexity reduces the number of failure points. We target 10 minutes replacement time for any electronic component including the battery and motor.

New controller and throttle programming

The controller is upgraded from 9 to 12 transistors providing powerful and reliable performance. The throttle is re-mapped to give smoother acceleration and delay-free response. New half-twist throttle provides a more linear feel and higher quality tactile experience. The highly popular cruise control function is standard as always.

The best brakes available

Highly requested was a rear disc brake to match the front. We went far beyond this and spec the Tektro HD-710E hydraulic disc brakes. These are the best stoppers available for e-bikes. The braking performance is absolutely incredible even at max loads or in wet weather. The brake pads can self-adjust as needed, reducing time needed for frequent servicing.

New wiring harness

Small details significantly improve the product. Improved quick-connectors with stainless-steel lock-ring are fitted to all of the connections from the throttle down to the motor connector. Enjoy improved reliability and modern styling

The core of the platform

A completely redesigned Panasonic 48 Volt 22 Amp-Hour battery pack. It is the first commercially available e-bike to provide over 1 Kilowatt-Hour (1,056 Wh) of electric energy. The pack is 45% larger than the version 2 model and 3 x larger than a standard 36V / 10Ah e-bike battery pack.  Our high-capacity battery and aluminum low-step cargo frame is the core of the ODK utility platform. We worked hard to retain 100% conformity to bicycle standards and the mechanical parts can be serviced at any bicycle shop. The electrical components are modular and very easy to service.